Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's been so long....

To my readers (all three of you, including me)...let me apologize.
It has been so long. However, yeah we have a breakthrough!

I have found my voice and some great blog topics coming soon. And an exciting new series...
Last Friday was my last day at my full time outside of the home job.
I was with the company for the last five years and it was bittersweet to put it lightly.

We took it easy here the last few days now its back to the grind.
These are not my kids, they are however enjoying the summer fun with water.
What did you do over Labor Day Weekend? 
Did it mark the end of Summer for your household?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Countdown to Destiny.....

This is how I felt everyday I dropped the Precious Pillows at daycare and went to work. The best part of their day was spent with strangers in the world. My productive time was spent making a company profitable.

I have longed believed my place is with my family.
We are called to love, engage, and train them. We are called to encourage their relationship with Christ.
It took two years of changing how our family spent our money. 
 As well as changing my personal view on what were needs and wants (DH had this down before we got together).However we did it and are continuing to do it.
If we are willing to sacrifice now, we will reap the peaceful, God designed destiny that lies ahead of us...
  • So no we don't have Cable and we don't miss it either.
  • We don't buy new clothes and shoes every month.
  • Praise God we don't have any credit cards .
  • We meal plan and stockpile.
  • We only go out to eat on special occasions.
  • We have adopted the "less is more" attitude and are embracing the "when in doubt, throw it out" view.
I strive for Peace because there is so much turmoil in the world. I want to make sure when people come in our sphere they will know Christ is there and they are welcome.
I am not just counting down to being home with the precious pillows, I am counting down to destiny. The Destiny that the Lord wants for our family.
My husband deserves to come home to a happy peaceful home. 
Our children deserve to have a happy engaged mother who teaches them the way of the Word. 
And I deserve to have the life that Christ died for me to have. 

What are you counting down to?

Monday, August 27, 2012

4 days to go...

I have only four days left (after today) to be in the full time (outside of the home) workforce.
I am having mixed feelings about this journey. We have prayed about this. And I have been talking to God about this since our twins were born.
Now after praying, planning and preparing it all comes to a head this Friday.
Am I ready for this?
Do we have routine with the kids semi-established?
Will I try to do too much too quickly and feel like a failure when I don't accomplished all 25 things on my to-do list?
Or will I do too little for too long?
After my morning weekly meeting with my Manager- I am so thankful we are taking this plunge.
Thank you Mr. Pillow for supporting this journey of ours.
He is the only one reading this blog right now anyway so its all good...

Bread, Yogurt and eating on Less

In an earlier post I mentioned I was going to make bread and yogurt.
Well this weekend I did both.

I found Ma Bacon on Pinterest.
I was very interested in her post: Feed a family of 6 under $200 a month.
That was right up my alley, our food budget is more than doubled that amount. I am always interested in how large families ( folks with more than 2 kids) do it.
 More on that later.

First the bread.
 Ma Bacon's Bread
Let me say this recipe is an exercise in patience.
It takes 10 days, yes 10 DAYS to work its magic.
I will be the first to admit that I am not a super patient person. However I really like baking so I thought this would be fun or at least interesting.
By day 8, I was going to email Ma Bacon and ask her does it really need 10 days to get to the end result.
Whether it needs it or not, I waited. And I am glad I did.
It turned out great :). It was so good that DH asked if I was going to pin it on Pinterest (Nah it's Ma's Recipe) and my Blog. I thought my blog would be fine, since only two people are reading it now anyway-Woohoo!
 We made Chocolate muffins and Cherry Cheesecake Loaves.
It was really good, we have already gone through half of muffins and 1 whole loaf-in less than 30 hours.
This upcoming weekend we will make Vanilla and maybe a spiced one.

 Ma Bacon's Yogurt
I also got the yogurt recipe from Ma as well. It was my second time making the yogurt and I strained it through a strainer and cheese cloth. I brought it for my afternoon snack, I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Her yogurt recipe is really easy to understand.
Oh read her tips at the end it really helps understand more of the process before you make it.

Pictures...I gotta do pics next time!
Happy patient baking...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

31,000 emails

Yes, I have 31,000 emails...
I have been following this blogger and her post from yesterday was inspiring...
See what it was about: The Year of Less

Ok Day 1

This is so new.
I wonder if anyone will see or even read this. If you do email me and I will write more.
I have recently started making my own yogurt and this weekend I get my first chance at bread.
Yep I have turned into that mom.
You know, the one who always had fresh baked cookies when the neighborhood kids came over.
The one who said, sure to one more mouth at the table.
That one.
Hold on... I didn't know anyone like that except on tv.
Well I am being the best Wife, Mom and person I can be.
Happy Reading