Monday, August 27, 2012

4 days to go...

I have only four days left (after today) to be in the full time (outside of the home) workforce.
I am having mixed feelings about this journey. We have prayed about this. And I have been talking to God about this since our twins were born.
Now after praying, planning and preparing it all comes to a head this Friday.
Am I ready for this?
Do we have routine with the kids semi-established?
Will I try to do too much too quickly and feel like a failure when I don't accomplished all 25 things on my to-do list?
Or will I do too little for too long?
After my morning weekly meeting with my Manager- I am so thankful we are taking this plunge.
Thank you Mr. Pillow for supporting this journey of ours.
He is the only one reading this blog right now anyway so its all good...

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